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The topic this time around is:

Hoping we’re not all shallow wotas, imagine your favourite idol (or musical personality) switched bodies with someone you don’t find “visually pleasing”, would it affect your love for that idol in any way/shape/form?



I’m already fumbling with my words here.

The question (without thinking about your favourite) has two answers, generally speaking.

If you’re talking about an idol, your love for them would probably be affected atleast a little bit. Idols are usually all about looks. Even if they’re the sweetest person on the planet with a lovely voice and a great personality (among other good qualities), you’d probably still react with an “…ew”. (lolkorenagamiki)

If it’s another kind of musical performer, it’s usually all about the talent. So what if they aren’t that good looking? They’re amazing in other ways. (This varies a lot though, depending on the artist…)


This is me. Wendy the idol-loving wota. So I’ll be talking about my favourite idol, Sugaya Risako.

img20090328192622189I used to hate Risako.

She can’t sing, can’t dance, and has a weak personality. (I argue against these things now that I’ve watched her more closely, though.)

But then one day I really looked at her and thought,


That’s when I started noticing her more, and liking her voice because I was noticing her more.

Now, I love her as a whole. She’s adorable, I love her voice, her dancing is cute, and her shy behavior is slightly generic but great too.


Most of my “I LOVE RISAKO” moments come when I see a cute picture and say “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SHE IS SO PRETTY” or “WOW I’D TAP THAT”

Er… <_<;;



img20090315144254038SHE’S SO PRETTY.

img20090130044223204I LOVE RISAKO.

And that’s pretty much how my wota-ing goes.

If she wasn’t as attractive to me (APPARENTLY SOME PEOPLE DON’T FIND HER ATTRACTIVE. I KNOW, I DON’T UNDERSTAND EITHER) I’d probably still love her.

That is, as long as she wasn’t ugly.

That may sound shallow, but she’s an idol after all. Here’s an example: I think Kiyoe from Ikimono Gakari is gorgeous but if she wasn’t, I’d still love their music.

Idol music, not so much.

Let’s take an ugly idol as a comparison.

How about Yasuda Kei? Don’t get me wrong, I love Kei. She’s hilarious and I LOVE her voice.



Well… She’s not ugly.

She’s an ugly idol. Not as cute as some other idols, though not ugly as a person…

But if Risako looked like Kei I’d probably be like “…uhhhhhhhhhhh… hi Risako. :l Your voice is kind of good sounding I guess.”

Perhaps if I had chosen a different favourite (…Who am I kidding, who CHOOSES their favourites? :/), somebody whose career and popularity didn’t rely so much on their good looks, I wouldn’t be trying so desperately to defend my shallow thoughts regarding this topic.

Risako’s voice would still appeal to me, and I’d still love her, but it’d probably be more like “O HAI AIRI” or, in the group itself, “O HAI MIYA/CHINAMI”.

I don’t really think it’s about being shallow while referring to idols.

Or atleast, not as much. They’re there to dance around provocatively, be generically cutesy and look pretty. If they’re pretty, they’re bound to gain more fans. If they aren’t, there’s always plastic surgery. (Or staying in the background… <_<)

Everybody’s a little bit shallow. Don’t pretend like you don’t secretly cringe a bit when you see somebody hard on the eyes, or that you hesitate to support an ugly singer on American Idol. We all do it, it’s human nature.

It’s not my fault that Risako happens to be beautiful, and that her beauty is a main reason I’m drawn to her. That’s just the way it goes.

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