…Well, sort of. (I’m blogging about it because I find that when I do write like this, I discover things about myself that I hadn’t known prior to writing the post. It’s nice. :3)

If you’ve read my surveys, you’ll notice that suddenly, I’m really liking electronic music.

Kind of weird, really. A long time ago, I couldn’t listen to most of Perfume’s music because… I don’t know, I just couldn’t.


I started out about a year ago just listening to Perfume. If you can even call it that. I only had like… 3 songs. But I don’t know, I never really DISLIKED the genre, I just didn’t listen to it… so I wasn’t used to it.

I guess.

Hmmm… I actually remember hearing Aira Mitsuki quite a while ago but didn’t really investigate any further… Dumb move. XD

I think the reason I started to like Perfume more was influenced by some of the regulars in #wotachat.

It was like “OMG LOVE THE WORLD/DREAM FIGHTER/PERFUME IN GENERAL” sometimes. And I’ll admit it, I felt out of the loop so I started listening to Perfume more than I had in the past.


Not long after, I started really liking Perfume. I wanted a lot more of their music. I dealt with a few tracks from Limewire and most of GAME for a while, but… I wanted more. Who better to ask than johpan? I got their discography from him. ❤

I didn’t listen to any other electronic music on my own, though. I’d see people talk about it and stuff but never bothered.

I guess the reason I started was also because of joh. When we hung out, I’d hear a lot of it. At first I didn’t really…


I don’t want to say “didn’t care”, but I didn’t do anything about obtaining it for myself, or anything like that. I liked it, but… Actually, looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t look for music earlier. o_o;


My search for music was pretty sudden and happened relatively at the same time (within a month).

The first artist I bothered with (after Perfume, of course) was Aira Mitsuki. I mean, I’d accidentally stumbled upon one of her PVs a while back, so why not start with her?

I must say, I LOVE Aira now.

She’s great. Seriously.

After that was capsule.


I feel that I should’ve gotten into them earlier but OH WELL I DIDN’T AND I LIKE THEM NOW SO… OH WELL… XD

And then I got some MEG, Suzuki Ami and SAWA.

Enjoyable. 😀 I really like MEG.


And last night, broom took away my voice and +m’d wotachat until I had listened to Saori@destiny.


And I have to say, I really like her, too.

It’s kind of surprising to look at the music I’ve been listening to lately in comparison to a year ago when electro music was TOTALLY NOT MY THING.


It’s not like I mind or anything.

Except for the fact that I feel like I’ve been missing out for so long. XD ❤

(P.S. Just to defend myself, pictures always make serious posts better.)