So, I was just informed that Midori has also made a survey! I like surveys. šŸ˜€

Gender- M/F/no answer (>o.o)>

Approximate age- 12 & under, 13-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61+, no answer (>o.o)>
13-20. (15)

1. What was the first popĀ song you remember liking?
Uhhhhhhhh… Probably something by the Spice Girls, I guess. @_@

2. What bands/music groups/singers did you grow up listening to? (>o.o)>
The Spice Girls, Aqua, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera… I think you get the picture. XD;;

3. What bands/music groups/singers were popular when you grew up? (ie. Were on the radio a lot) (>o.o)>
Those. ^ Along with the boy bands I didn’t care about.

4. When (What year) did you first hear Jpop that you liked? What groups were popular?
Ummm… Let’s see… about 2003, I guess. I’m not sure, considering I was just into what played on the anime I watched.

5. What kind of Jpop/Jrock did you initially like? (>o.o)>
Pop stuff. I mainly just liked standard pop anime songs, but then I got into J-rock for a bit… o_o; (I don’t know what I was thinking~ Haha~) I remember that when Max and I were into Tommy, he preferred February6 and I preferred Heavenly6… That was quite a while ago.

6. Do you still like said kind of Jmusic? (>o.o)>
Well, I still kind of like standard anime songs… but rock isn’t my thing. D: I have almost all of Tommy’s music and I tend to skip every heavenly song. And my friend used to try to make me listen to j-rock and I’d be like NOOOOOO.

7. Do you still listen to the musicĀ inĀ yourĀ native languageĀ (or some other language)Ā as often as Jpop? (>o.o)>
I watch Much Music (It’s like MTV but with a lot more music… we have MTV in Canada too, fyi.) a lot, so I listen to English music like that. I also have a little bit of English music on my iPod.

8. If so, what other kind of music to you enjoy listening to? (>o.o)>
I have a thing for mainstream music. Like, the Pussycat Dolls, Lady Gaga (sometimes. LOVEGAME SUCKS.), Rihanna, that kind of stuff. The music on my iPod though… I have uh.
Lights, Stars, Owl City and Swimming With Dolphins.
The reason why I don’t have mainstream English music on my iPod is because I always end up skipping it.
and the song I DO have on my iPod I usually skip. XD

9. Do you go to concerts/performances of your favorite groups from your country? Do you go to ones for J-pop groups?
No. The only concerts I’ve been to in my life have been Avril Lavigne concerts. And that’s because my friend (the one who tried to make me listen to jrock) has an uncle who frequently does like… lighting and stuff for Avril concerts. So the day before, she’d call me and be like “Hey Wendy, wanna go to an avril concert tomorrow?” and I say “Yeah sure got nothing better to do.”

The last one I went to, I was in the VIP front row. FOR FREEEEE.

But yeah, no concerts for me. I’d go to jpop concerts if I could… but I can’t. šŸ˜¦

10. What do you think about the Jpop industry’s future? Do you think that you’ll continue to like it for another 5 years? (>o.o)>
I’m… not sure. About the first thing, anyways. I like what a lot of people are putting out right now, so… :3 I hope it keeps appealing to me!

As for the second part, I can see myself sticking with it. It’s already been over 5 years, right? šŸ˜€

11. What’s your favorite group? (>o.o)>
Morning Musume, Perfume and Ikimono Gakari.

12. Is your favorite song/single/album a Jpop one?Ā (>o.o)> Is it from your favorite artist?
Well, I never really know what my favourite songs are. According to my response to Misa’s survey, my favourite songs are Kousui, Dream Fighter, edge, Kaeritakunatta yo and PRECIOUS.

So yes, and partially yes.

13. Do you like pop from outside of Japan, such as Hannah Montana? (>o.o)>


Unless you consider the music I mentioned earlier to be pop.
But no. No Hannah Montana.

14. Do you like musicals? If so, what’s your favorite, and one you really want to see? (This one is just to humor Midori)
Do I look like Indigo?
(That’s a nooooooo.)

I just can’t seem to get into musicals. D: But I liked the MM Cinderella. :3



In the process of filling this out, I’ve come to realize something about my music tastes.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always favored all girl groups.

I mean, even over solo singers… but I still liked girl singers.

And I could never get into boy bands. They didn’t attract my interest very well.



But like… I don’t know. I never cared. o_o; Boy + girl bands were okay in my book, but I generally went toward all girls.

So… just looking at my music tastes now…

Suddenly everything is starting to make more sense.

Misa knows probably better than anybody that I’ve tried liking boy bands and I just do not care. Yes, half of NEWS is really really hot, and yes, I’ll look at the pictures she sends me.

But I can’t be a fan. This goes for the Korean boy bands too.

And just… why I’m so drawn to like.
MM and Perfume and stuff.

I only listen to female English mainstream music. I like hearing girls rap and stuff, but male rappers totally turn me off. XD

I don’t have an explanation for this.
I mean, when I was younger, I wasn’t drawn (…THAT kind of drawn) to girls, so it had nothing to do with sexuality. I liked boys. I don’t understand why I didn’t like boy bands…

But just looking at all of this…
It’s interesting, to say the least.