Hi Nacchi you look mighty strange here.

But yes. This is my top 10 for the next…

…not long. But then, only 2 people will disappear from the list… >_<;

And uh.

Let’s… look at the lists from last year.

(I’m not very comfortable with doing this. XD)

Okay um.

Let’s start off by saying I wasn’t a Kids fan last year. I liked C-ute (but didn’t know the members) and I’d only heard a few Berryz songs.

But Max knew them better than I did.
So I kind of just absorbed his opinions on people. Like KANNA IS GREAT, MOMOKO IS ADORABLE, MAIMI IS AWFUL. And then I’d see people complain about Risako and couldn’t see past all her flaws so… RISAKO IS MORE AWFUL THAN MAIMI RAAAAAAAAAAAAH

I mean the Risako thing stuck for quite a while, but the rest… XD Momo? Really? Hurhur.

Also Max doesn’t like Airi.



I’m a bit embarrassed now. T_T;