Now, once you see the title, I’m sure most of you are groaning and about to close the window.


As everybody should know, I co-created the “LOL LINLIN EATS BABIES” joke.
Because let’s face it, she used to be one scary motherfucker.


When she first joined, Linlin was… nothing, pretty much. She was the not-as-cute Chinese member without punch. Junjun was the cute Chinese member without punch. The person to pay attention to was obvious. Hell, I did it too.

…Until they actually started becoming something and developing interesting quirks and all that. Junjun started to become a Sayumi copy and Linlin started to become a freaking weirdo.

Too bad she was still kind of unattractive, and her voice made me want to rip off my ears.

But now, I feel that she’s really blossoming as an idol.
She has a unique look, but it’s not BAD at this point. She’s pretty. Also, she dropped the squeaky thing she did with her voice.


For a while, I didn’t want to admit that I liked her because of the baby joke. But as she grew as an idol, so did my creepy wota devotion.

She’s so odd now. Also, on H!O they’ve started calling her the reaction princess because her reactions are starting to rival Niigaki’s.

And her VOICE. It’s different, but it’s pleasant to listen to now that she’s stopped trying to make it higher.

I think she’s starting to work her way up to Risa and Sayumi level in stage presence. She pulls my attention to her easily and it looks like she really enjoys what she does.

When the Koi no Dial 6700 preview came out, I found the line distribution hilarious and felt bad for Linlin… but it looks like she really got a kick out of it.

She’s so smiley and adorable. When I see pictures or videos of her, I want to hug her.


I remember a while ago, I had said that if I were to meet a MM member, I’d even be willing to meet Linlin.

Now I think she’d be the member I’d like to meet the most.
She seems like she’d be jokes to hang out with.

Also, on the Naichau episode of MF, she was just so out there. That and the Kotatsu no Uta performance were what inspired me to write this post.

I for one am going to keep supporting her as the wota I am, and I hope that at least some of you will do the same. Honestly, how can you NOT like her?