Goodness, what is that noise in the second half?

Oh I’m sorry. That’s just Sayumi.

WHAT THE HELL. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sayumi. But this isn’t her kind of song, and her voice sounds even more nasally than normal in my opinion.

Why does UFA feel the need to crush my dreams of a Gaki solo?! WHY?

This just proves it.

There is no God.

But seriously, I’m hoping there’s maybe a group verse after that. And it’s still a great song.
But Im confused; Why Sayumi? She makes the least sense for me. Ai and Risa are the leader+subleader/5th gen/HOT COUPLE, Risa and Eri are Gakikame, and Risa and Reina were paired in Naichau.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just deal with Sayumi. It’s not like I’m going to cancel my preorder because of it.