B-but… isn’t that a typo?
Everybody likes ICM!


I’ve been trying, but I just don’t.

I thought, maybe it’s just their low-budget PV. But no, that’s not it.

I decided I didn’t even really know, so I decided to make a post about it [with a push from Mint] and hope that I learn why for myself.

First of all, I’m not attracted to the girls.

Minus Lightbulb and Shenshen.

Damn those two are CUTE. And they have talent.


Guu-chan is okay, but I dunno, she just doesn’t really appeal to me. Nothing against her, though.
Anchii’s eyes are scary shit.
Reirei looks like a lost child and it drives me crazy.
Peipei is just really ugly in my opinion. :l

ASIDE FROM MY HORRIFICALLY SHALLOW FIRST IMPRESSIONS, I don’t know their personalities. So while I can’t say much else, I don’t think I care enough to get involved at this point.

Moving along.

(Sorry in advance: I’m using Mars’ video. Im sorry for using it in my put-down post. T_T Let’s still get married or something anyways? :D)

And people ARE STILL COMPLAINING AT THIS VERY MOMENT AS I TYPE THIS that Morning Musume’s PV doesn’t have enough budget? What a fucking joke!

Wow. Like. Even the Japanese music video was better than this.

I’m not one to hate on low budget but what the shit?
Come on H!P, did you give them 10 dollars and let them loose in a dollar store to choose their own props?
I feel bad for the girls.

Also there’s this:


hi what

I mean, is that very fair? Good advertising idea but… they must be cold…

On to the actual music… I don’t like it.

I’ve realized it’s not the language [though I don’t really like Mandarin in the first place]. I’ve liked Mandarin music before, so what’s wrong with this? All I know is, for me, the Japanese tracks were the best. I think as a group, their voices are more suited for Japanese.

But then, I don’t like their voices as a whole. I was listening to their RR21 when I decided to write this post.

Let me tell you, with a blog named Renai Revolution 21, I LOVE that song.
But the ICM version is not doing it for me at all.

They don’t sound like they’re enjoying it in the least.

They sound bored and worn out and like they wish they could go home. “Are we done yet?”

Also, it doesn’t sound like a real song.

It sounds like a fandub that was translated by the dubber. The lyrics don’t flow for me [love revolution 21 sounds awkward and that’s my favourite line in the damn song] and the vocals don’t sound professional. The mixing doesn’t either. The instrumental is too quiet or.. something. The vocal track and the instrumental track seem like 2 different things when I listen to it which shouldn’t be the case.

As a whole, I feel they lack the energy to be idols, in their movements and in their voices. I think they should stick to Japanese music, also. I mean, H!P is going downhill already, so why do something that will earn them even less cash? Maybe with Japanese tracks, they’ll fit in more. Though it’s not like they’re spending money on ICM anyways.

I hope that with their next release, they’ll really pick it up.

Also, I apologize to any ICM fans who might find offense in this post. I felt the need to state my opinion about the group, and I didn’t mean to harm anybody in the process.