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(^Too lazy to write my own. 😀 Goes to show what kind of person I am hahahaha)

Okay so, moving on, this month’s question is:

If you were someone in the Japanese music industry who could influence a change, what would your New Year’s resolution be?

So obviously the first thing that comes to mind is LOL UFA. I’m so predictable.

Anyways, I think my new years resolution in that position would be to stop shafting Morning Musume.


Morning Musume is my favourite group, so I’m not really that pleased that Berryz and C-ute are getting way more focus as of late. I mean, yeah, the kids are talented. But come on! Morning Musume, guys!

So, I’d like for them to get more appreciation. (I know they’ve already gotten all the attention they need, but I think they deserve more.) The only weak links right now are the pinku duo. And either way, Sayumi’s cute enough to make up for it, and Koharu draws in people using KiraRevo. The other 7 are all good enough to have a successful group on their hands.

I think that, if I had the chance, I’d work on using the flagship group to their fullest potential. You know, more releases, higher budget PVs, more publicity, all that jazz. I mean personally I like plain PVs without a story, BUT I’M OBVIOUSLY THE ONLY PERSON WHO DOES.

I’d also try to really appreciate some of the talent by making smaller groups, subgroups or soloists. Maybe a Gakikame duo? Takagaki? Tanakashi? (Lol couple names. GTFO Wendy.) Or maybe Aichan or Reina being soloists. ACTUAL, permanent groups featuring a mix of the remaining acts. (Like a permanent High-King.) One-shots that don’t relate to anime or other outside productions… Just anything that focuses more attention on Morning Musume.

I mean, didn’t you guys hear COVER YOU? (Probably not… not many people did, it seems.) They all sounded amazing, except the Pinkus. Risa and Eri finally sound really professional. The pandas have better voices than I thought. Reina stopped trying to be a 5-year-old. BUT THIS ISN’T A COVER YOU REVIEW WENDY SHUT UP. YOU ALREADY DID THAT FHIOWEHOEHRWHROWE.

A variation in song genre would be nice too. Reina said herself that she’d like if they did something not so mature on her radio show. I mean, I like this image, but maybe they should experiment again. Or add some younger eggs or something to the group to make the group a bit younger and more obligated to have silly songs.

Ugh… I’m just rambling at this point. So I’m gonna stop. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I WRITE CRAP AT THE LAST MINUTE. IT BECOMES SUPER CRAP.

Regardless, I hope you… enjoyed? this post. :Db



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