So, Amy’s doing a poll.

I thought I’d join in.


Best Group Single

I’ll have to go with C\C (Cinderella\Complex) by High-King. The a-side was strong, with a good song, a good dance and a good PV. The b-side was equally good.

Best Soloist Single

Lucky Aura by Mano Erina. I didn’t used to like this girl until I saw her Manopiano performance at the summer concert. So, by the time that came out, Lucky Aura was new and I was in love with it. Yaaaaay Manoeri!

Best Group Album

COVER YOU by Morning Musume. This wasn’t an original album, but that’s okay because all the songs were great and the new arrangements made them so much better. I really enjoyed Seishun Jidai, Koi no Dial 6700 and Shiroi Chou no Samba. ❤

Best Soloist Album

Abe Natsumi’s best of. n_n Nacchi’s solo stuff is awesome.

Best PV

C\C (Cinderella\Complex) by High-King. It’s so much win that I can’t even fully process it.

Group With Best Overall Releases

Morning Musume. Resonant Blue has the second most plays on my iTunes, and I have an obsession with Pepper Keibu. Also, you can’t go wrong with COVER YOU.

Best New Group

Shugo Chara Egg because Yuuka and Kanon are love. ❤

Best New Soloist

Even though technically Ogamana is new, I’ll still go with Mano Erina because I’m one of her wota.

Best Established Group

C-ute. They’re really stepping up.

Best Established Soloist

Matsuura Aya. She had Kizuna. I mean, the new album and new single are releasing next year, but they’re still releasing. Also, that commercial song.

Best Photobook

Err… I haven’t seen them all… but I think I’ll have to say… Niigaki Risa’s Happy Girl. It’s a nice PB. ;_;

Hottest Idol of 2008

Risa Niigaki. I tried to avoid the bias, but… I dunno. She’s SO SEXY and just gorgeous in general. If you don’t agree, watch her in the Single Daizenshuu performance of Summer Night Town. HOT.


Worst Group Single

Charisma, Kirei by Melon Kinenbi. CHEAP.

Worst Soloist Single

Papancake by Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu.


Worst PV

Charisma, Kirei by Melon Kinenbi. I didn’t think the single could get any more cheap.

I was wrong.

Worst Vocalist of 2008

Kusumi Koharu. I swear, she’s getting worse.

Least Attractive Girl of 2008

Korenaga Miki. HOW CAN YOU NOT AGREE?!