Wotachat log lol

<Wendychi> max
<Wendychi> change your name
* Maxaliciousness is now known as Tsunku
<Wendychi> on irc to tsunku
<Wendychi> oh
<Tsunku> you called?
<mintii> …
* Wendychi sings, hoping to be recognized
<Tsunku> for dramatic effect
<Wendychi> …i mean discovered
<Wendychi> wtf
<Wendychi> LOL!
<Tsunku> that’s better
<Tsunku> now i’m really tsunku ;D
<Tsunku> I MEAN
<Tsunku> you guys will really like Naichau Kamo
<Wendychi> watch it suck
<Tsunku> . . .
<Tsunku> fuck you
<CKB48> oh cool, Tsunku!!!
<mintii> I’m excited for Shiawase no Katachi!
<Tsunku> hi ;D
<CKB48> I am honored!
<Wendychi> …will it get me a career in H!P?
<Chiakii> XDD
<Tsunku> um
<Tsunku> well that’s how koharu got in
<Tsunku> so uh
<AlgebraiKSnowperson> PAPAPAPAPAAAAAANKEEEEEEEKIIIIII!!!! ~*Koha* ❤ Tsunku~
<Tsunku> go for it
<Wendychi> Oh.
<CKB48> Tsunku, I am looking for a job in Japan…
* Wendychi pulls tsunku away by the wrist
<Tsunku> . . .
<Tsunku> i’ll be right back
* Tsunku follows wendy
<CKB48> are there any openings in the office, I have financial experience
* Tsunku is busy
<Rocky2> bleh
<Tsunku> i’ll be right back
* CKB48 goes blind because of Rocky
* Tsunku is now known as Tsuku|findingtalent
<Indigo> …
<CKB48> I can’t see!!!!
<Indigo> faaail
<CKB48> Tsuku???
–> mp122984-laptop has joined #wotachat
* Wendychi pulls tsunku back after a while
* Tsuku|findingtalent is now known as Tsunku
<Tsunku> now ck, what were you saying?
* CKB48 wonders who this imposter named Tsuku is
<Chiakii> …
<Tsunku> *zip*
<Tsunku> .>;
<CKB48> I have financial experience
<Tsunku> . . .
<Tsunku> you can be the
<Tsunku> PV director
<CKB48> any openings in the office?
<Tsunku> . . .
<CKB48> ooohhhh
<CKB48> I could do that
–> zae  has joined #wotachat
<CKB48> More Reina closeups, there arent enough!
<maiZe>  hihi zae!
<maiZe>  hihi mp!
<Tsunku> ironically
* maiZe gives voice to mp122984-laptop zae
<zae> hello
<Tsunku> reina is not lead on the next single >.>;
<Wendychi> who is?
<Tsunku> aichan
<Tsunku> and
<Tsunku> uh
<Tsunku> . . .
<CKB48> what!?!?
<Wendychi> meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
<Indigo> JUNJUN
<Indigo> <33333
<Tsunku> no
<CKB48> aichan and wendy?
<Tsunku> aichan and
<Tsunku> airia
<Tsunku> *airi
<mp122984-laptop> hi zae
<Wendychi> Nooooo
<mp122984-laptop> hi maize
<CKB48> wow!!!
<Tsunku> lol
<Wendychi> It should be me because I’m a good fuc-… singer
<Tsunku> wendy you’re a soloist
<CKB48> I didnt know Airi had jumped to Momusu
<Tsunku> eah
<Tsunku> didn’t you get the memo?
<Wendychi> LOL
<CKB48> who went to C-ute?  JunJun?
<Wendychi> …
<Wendychi> office space? >_>
<Tsunku> airi’s still in c-ute
<Tsunku> she’s lead in c-ute and momus
<CKB48> no, you hadnt hired me yet
<Tsunku> *momusu
<mintii> BOO.
<CKB48> but I will be waiting for any future memos
<XiTaU> u didnt make her leader of buono though?
<Tsunku> no
<Tsunku> leader of buono! is still momoko
<Wendychi> leader =/= lead singer >_>
<XiTaU> pfft momo aint leader
<Chiakii> just ask kaori.
<Tsunku> because she can do the mikitty special like no other
<Tsunku> i mean >.>;
<CKB48> Tsunku, I need Kamei’s home phone number, I need to “talk things over” with her, can you give it to me?
<XiTaU> and saki
<Wendychi> Now if you don’t mind…
<Wendychi> I’ll go be on that street corner
<Tsunku> those are
<Wendychi> while I gain more
<Wendychi> singing experience
<Tsunku> confidential
<CKB48> yeah, but I am an emplyee now
<Tsunku> confidential
<Tsunku> i don’t even know them
<Wendychi> Tsunku, you MUST know Risako’s address, right?
<Wendehbird> ILU Risako~
<Wendychi> that alert explains my reasoning
<Wendychi> …*remote
<CKB48> Tsunku, can I come over?
<Tsunku> . . .
<Tsunku> i’m in
<Tsunku> uh
<XiTaU> u can borrow some used underwear for me though right….
<Tsunku> canada on business
<Wendychi> I uh.
<Wendychi> 「ザ☆ピース!!」Max– ‘Since when has Erika had boobs?’ “HOLY-” says:
<Wendychi> what if I gave CK a random japanese phone number
<Wendychi> 「ザ☆ピース!!」Max– ‘Since when has Erika had boobs?’ “HOLY-” says:
<Wendychi> and it ended up beign kamei’s?
<CKB48> so am I!!!
<Wendychi> im sorry it was funny
<mintii> canadajin musume?!
<Wendychi> he’s uh at my house on business.
<Tsunku> how else could i Have hired wendY?
<Tsunku> sure.
<Tsunku> -cow-
<CKB48> well, we now have Reina’s email address for her radio show
<Tsunku> that depends mintii
<Tsunku> are you into threew- i mean
<Tsunku> do you like morning musume’s leas selling single?
<mintii> i like all of them
<Wendychi> …
<Tsunku> kay
<Tsunku> follow me
<Wendychi> <_<
<Tsunku> >.>;
<Wendychi> I lol’d too hard. D:
* Tsunku starts unbuttoning-
<Tsunku> i mean
<mp122984-laptop> lol
* Tsunku grabs box of cond-
<Tsunku> i mean
<Tsunku> dammit
<mp122984-laptop> XD
* Tsunku grabs the lyrics to the audition theme song
<mintii> is your wife okay with all this, tsunku 😛
<Tsunku> . . .
<Wendychi> …
<Tsunku> which wife?
<mintii> lol
<Tsunku> cause
<Tsunku> in this one themed fantasy i have-
<Tsunku> i mean
<Tsunku> >.>;
<Tsunku> yes she’s fine with it.
<maiZe>  GO JAY TRIANO!!
<mintii> 😀
<Tsunku> >.>;
<Tsunku> who’s read for some
<Tsunku> rehearsals,
<Wendychi> …
<Wendychi> Will it mean more publicity?
<Rocky2> hi maiZe1
<Rocky2> ❤
<Rocky2> maiZe!*
<maiZe>  hihi rocky! 😀
<Tsunku> yes
<mp122984-laptop> lol
<Wendychi> Okay.
<Tsunku> somehow.
<Wendychi> I’ll be upsta- I mean
<Indigo> Rocky
<Indigo> what chapter are you on XD
<Wendychi> …
<Wendychi> I’ll be upstairs >_>;
<Tsunku> in the rehearsal room?
<Wendychi> yes.
<Wendychi> In there.
<Tsunku> .  . .
<Tsunku> kay
* Tsunku runs to the rehearsal room
* Wendychi follows
<mp122984-laptop> lol
<Wendychi> where is mint
<Tsunku> doing it in a public building has always been a fantas-
<Tsunku> i mean
<Tsunku> we need to get some practice down
<Tsunku> oh mintii
<Rocky2> XD
<Indigo> I’M HERE
<Indigo> XD
<mintii> oh hey
<Rocky2> lol
<Tsunku> go to the rehearsal room.
<Tsunku> >.>;
<Wendychi> mint
<Wendychi> we’re practicing
<Indigo> …oh
<Indigo> sorry XD
* mintii practices
<mp122984-laptop> lol
<Tsunku> mintii
<Tsunku> how dare you start without me
<Tsunku> i mean
<Tsunku> how dare you start without wendy
<mintii> sorry? o.o
<Tsunku> you guys need to have the dance perfect for your debut in two weeks
<Tsunku> also, for some
<Tsunku> flair to your group
<Tsunku> uh
<Wendychi> we’ll be like gam but with more leg showing?
<Tsunku> you -points-
<Tsunku> you’re in here too
<Wendychi> …
<Tsunku> um
<Tsunku> i’m not sure who
<mp122984-laptop> uh… I don’t dance
* Wendychi covers mouth. im not gonna say it.
<Tsunku> i just pointed in a random direction
<Tsunku> also
<Tsunku> i didn’t point with my index finger, if you know what i mean 😉
<Chiakii> …
<Chiakii> every. time.
<mp122984-laptop> lol
–> kuze has joined #wotachat
<Tsunku> i pointed with my pinkie, jesus you perverts
<Tsunku> well
<Tsunku> you could call it a pinkie 😉
<Tsunku> AKB48’s member
<Tsunku> um
<Tsunku> former member
<Tsunku> komatani hitomi
<mp122984-laptop> ki kuze
<Tsunku> is joining your group
<kuze> hey mp122984-laptop
<Wendychi> you know, you seem pretty legit.
<mintii> sweet
<kuze> had to resize my HD for a logical partition
–> hot11yrold has joined #wotachat
<Tsunku> HOT11YROLD?
<mintii> wtf o_O
<Rocky2> hi hot 11 year old
<Rocky2> XD
<Wendychi> oh jesus christ
<Wendychi> who the fuck is that
<maiZe>  …
<Rocky2> maiZe, you got this!
<Wendychi> I think H!P just found another idol
<hot11yrold> i wanna be an idol
<Rocky2> LOL
<Tsunku> FOLLOW ME
<hot11yrold> ok
<Rocky2> wtf is wrong with you guys
* Tsunku grabs wrist
<Rocky2> -_-
<hot11yrold> i..yes i can
<Rocky2> this isn’t even fun
<Rocky2> ny
<hot11yrold> with even less clothes on
<mp122984-laptop> o_0
<Rocky2> -_-
<mp122984-laptop> how… very odd…
<Tsunku> fine rocky
<Tsunku> if you don’t want to join H!P it’s up to you
<Rocky2> lol
<Rocky2> omw to wake up amy
<Rocky2> AGAIN
<mp122984-laptop> lol. gl rocky
<hot11yrold> excuse me but
<CKB48> …
<hot11yrold> i can sing really well
<Tsunku> kay
<Tsunku> sing
<hot11yrold> and can do the my humps dance better than the chinese girl……
<Tsunku> ;D
<Tsunku> lol
<hot11yrold> i’ll sing for u, baby
<Wendehbird> <Linlin + SB> BABIES?! WHERE?!
<Tsunku> . . .
<Tsunku> okay the charade’s over
* Tsunku is now known as Maxaliciousness
<AlgebraiKSnowperson> Tsunku!
<CKB48> Hi hot 11year old, Tsunku just made me PV director, mind if we have a private interview in my office?
<Maxaliciousness> i’m done ;D
<mp122984-laptop> hi max
<AlgebraiKSnowperson> hi Tsunku
<mp122984-laptop> …
<AlgebraiKSnowperson> you are awesome
<Maxaliciousness> lol
<hot11yrold> yes please
<hot11yrold> anything to be an idol
<CKB48> Tsunku is the best
<Wendychi> hey.
<hot11yrold> certainly
<CKB48> Great!
<Wendychi> hot11yearold.
<hot11yrold> what are my options
<Wendychi> I’m such a pro idol
* amynaps is now known as lammy
<Wendychi> why don’t you step into my van
<hot11yrold> for being in nice girl project
<maiZe>  hihi amimi! ❤
<hot11yrold> van
<Wendychi> that I totally just stole
<hot11yrold> okay
<Wendychi> from joh
<lammy> oh shit hot 11 yr old
<Wendychi> don’t tell him
<Maxaliciousness> lammy you just missed it
<AlgebraiKSnowperson> lammylam
<lammy> my job has been made obsoloete
<AlgebraiKSnowperson> :DDD
<AlgebraiKSnowperson> 😮
<mp122984-laptop> hi lammy
<mp122984-laptop> ?
<mintii> amykins<3
<mp122984-laptop> XD
<CKB48> ooohhh, hot11yearold, why dont I interview you in Wendy’s Van
* lammy explodes
<hot11yrold> how many ppl will be involved
<Maxaliciousness> although rocky might be disturbed right now.
<CKB48> just you, me and a few other guys I know
<CKB48> they are all in the music biz…really!




And that’s how it went.

btw im so pro now.

watch for my next single or sth because there’ll totally be one.