C-ute really hasn’t changed much. The biggest changes in my lists have been Linlin and Risako. :l

But oh well.



1. Suzuki Airi (Previously: 1)

This girl is insanely adorable, and god damn, she can sing. She’s sexy lately aswell. Oh Airi~ ❤

Also, I just want to point out how much I love this picture. For this project, I’ve been searching for new pictures first, and while I was looking for Airi’s, I gasped at this and realized I had to use it.

Isn’t she gorgeous?! *0*


2. Umeda Erika (Previously: 3)

Erika’s so funny. I love her for it. And her solo song, Do Don ga Don Ondou… Oh my god amazing. ❤ Not much else I can say.


3. Okai Chisato (Previously: 2)

Chisato is an omg amazing singer. More solo lines, now.


4. Yajima Maimi (Previously: 5)

I’m going to be honest:

I like Maimi because she’s hot.


5. Arihara Kanna (Previously: 4)

I dunno, I just like her less now.

But atleast she’s pretty.


6. Hagiwara Mai (Previously: 7)

Mai creeps me out but Misa’s love for her influenced me a bit. She’s becoming reeeeally gorgeous.


7. Nakajima Saki (Previously: 6)

Linlin’s squeaky-voiced, baby-eating apprentice.

And now that I like Linlin, we all know where my hate will be directed. Momoko. Nakki.




These were more straightforward, but that’s because my C-ute rankings are the most straightforward and don’t need explanation [because I myself don’t understand why I like some people better than others.]