Here’s the next part of my rating lists. Berryz tiem. Btw in case you were wondering, the old stats are from a couple months ago. >_>



1. Tokunaga Chinami (Previously: 1)

She’s like Niigaki in some ways. Gorgeous and funny. And in my opinion, she has the cutest voice in Berryz Koubou. [There’s a difference between “cute” and “helium”.] Chinami’s amazing~ And as many of you know, my MSN IM alert is Chii’s “BANZAI” from Yuke Yuk Monkey Dance. I can’t really explain any further about why she’s my favourite, because I’m just drawn to her.


2. Sugaya Risako (Previously: 7)

Risako’s best skill is… well…
…Being hot. And I didn’t like her for that. I didn’t think that she deserved her role as lead singer. But actually, she has an amazing voice. Though she can’t use it for shit, that’s not the point, because she has talent. And she’s just so… I wanna say “hot” again, but I’m not going to. …Oh wait. Shit.

MOVING ON… Even people who hate Risako can admit that she’s extremely pretty. That’s what she has. I mean she used to be kinda creepy looking. But oh fuck, look at her now. Oh man.

Also, REAL LOVE is my favourite song on 5(FIVE) and made the album worth buying for me [which I did buy, btw]. She’s somebody I tried to hate, but I refused to admit when she was growing on me. She’s like Koharu, or Linlin. Such a failure that you can’t help but love her. <33

And now all of that hidden liking built up to bump her to #2. Good job, Risako.
Now go release another photobook. Please. 3 isn’t enough.


3. Sudou Maasa (Previously: 2)

Maasa is fucking hilarious. I mean, oh my god. Really. And I LOVE how she got the cape in Tarutaru full PV. I was all OMG MAASA <33333 And omg red Berryz Kamen. She rocked that role. SHE ROCKED IT. ALSO ❤ @ WARERA SOLO LINE.

Her cheeks are amazingly cute. I love Maasa omg so much.
I thought she’d be #2, but seeing as I never shut up about Risako, I felt that Risako deserved that spot more. Sorry Maa.

Though these first 3 are EXTREMELY close. They could all be #1, but I tried to avoid that. I thought it’d be annoying. >3>


4. Natsuyaki Miyabi (Previously: 3)

Miyabi was higher before, but then I watched her solo Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance close up and realized that she’s kinda boring. So other people became more important to me.

She’s gorgeous and can sing. But I dunno.

Also wtf @ chin. Don’t think Im just being rude until you look at this.

Yeah what.

Yeah Kassy I know you know what I’m talking about.


5. Shimizu Saki (Previously: 4)

Saki’s a great dancer, but I dunno. I notice the other girls more than her.

Sorry. ):


6. Kumai Yurina (Previously: 5)

Yurina kinda bores me, but I like her more than I used to since she got hot.

And other people seem to agree, considering Max always seems to have a boner for h-… I mean…

…He always says how pretty Yurina is now.


7. Tsugunaga Momoko (Previously: 6)

Get out, you creepy little helium monster.

Momoko used to be my favourite [But then again, Reina was my favourite Momusu] back when I first started listening to H!P. Mainly because she stood out and her voice did aswell. [Same with Reina >:l So STFU Max, you stuser.] I also thought she was cute.

But now Im actually looking at her and realize that I only thought that because she’s tiny.
She isn’t cute. And her voice is frustrating.

There, I said it. I don’t care if you’re a Momoko fan, because chances are, whoever’s reading this is. Momoko is extremely popular after all. Whatever, guys. D< If you get to hate Risako, I get to hate Momoko.



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