Yeah so recently my lists have changed.

Not too dramatically, but there are some people in high rankings that I thought I’d never like.

Prepare for some serious picspam.



1. Niigaki Risa (Previously: 1)

It’s freaking GAKI-SAN. I don’t see what’s not to like. But… Let’s look at this seriously:

-She has the best stage presence in the current lineup. Koharu doesn’t count.
-She is freaking GORGEOUS. Risa was a freaky kid, but oh my @ now. Easily one of the prettiest in H!P.
-Her voice is amazing. Not as skilled as Ai, but she is a fantastic singer.
-She is so funny. Funniest girl in the current lineup, aswell.
-Just look at that picture. Can you hate her? CAN YOU?! I hope not. Or else you’ll have my foot up your ass.


2. Kamei Eri (Previously: 2)

Kame basically has everything that Gaki has. But less. So she’s less than Gaki.
I dunno, it makes sense to me atleast.


3. Linlin (Previously:… wait… what? Linlin?! I don’t understand.)

As of recently, I’ve realized how amazing Linlin is.

She’s such an oddball that she jumped up my lists. But never fear, everybody! The baby joke will continue to live. I can hate on my favourite members. I do it all the time. (Talking about why Aibon > Gaki still)

Also her voice no longer makes my ears bleed (Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou <3) and she’s not horrifyingly ugly anymore. Yay Linlin! Just keep away from Tsuji; I don’t trust you enough to be around Noa quite yet.


4. Takahashi Ai (Previously: 5)

Very pretty, amazing voice. Wait, let me fix that. *AMAZING voice. I only recently watched the AiReina perf of Everyday Everywhere, and that’s what bumped both of them up. Her lack of personality is what brings her lower than the others. But I still love Ai. I love everybody in Morning Musume.


5. Mitsui Aika (Previously: 4)

Oh Aika. What happened to THIS hairstyle?
Now you’re at 5.
(P.S. Aika’s adorable lol)


6. Junjun (Previously: 3)


Yeah she’s cute. And I used to love her.
But what is so great about Junjun? I don’t like her singing voice, I’ve realized. And she… I dunno.
It’s Junjun. Other people are more important to me now.
Sorry Jun… but I still love my scarf.


7. Tanaka Reina (Previously: 8 )

Reina is just so… ugh. She’s like Sayumi, but can actually sing, so she’s wasting all of her talent. And she’s a really cool person, but you’d never know because she’s always trying to be so goddamned fucking adorable. SHUT UP REINA. THAT’S SAYUMI’S JOB.

BUT she can sing. [EVERYDAY EVERYWHEREEEEE~] And I think she’s starting to use her NORMAL voice because that’s what she did in Pepper Keibu/ROMANCE. Keep it up, Reina, and you’ll go up my list. [And totally pwn Junjun, much to Max’s dismay.]


8. Kusumi Koharu (Previously: 7)

She sucks, but it’s impossible to hate her.
I just don’t like her as much.
But she’s Koha, so <333 either way~


9. Michishige Sayumi (Previously: 6)

She’s cute. I know.

But I just don’t care anymore.

Though remember, I love all of them. [However I just love everybody else more.] Let’s wait until Koharu majorly fucks up, and then Sayu will rise above her, most likely.



The other two groups will be done tomorrow. And then perhaps a full Wonderful Hearts top 10, if I decide that I want to at the time. Because hell, once I finished Gaki, I didn’t know ANY of my ranking. So I had to go over it all in my head before finishing.