I remember when I used to hate Gatas.

Well… they aren’t exactly my favourite group ever, but y’know.
Everybody needs some Yossie in their life, right?
(Misa needs multiple daily doses of Yossie =3=)


Come Together is a feel-good song. Kind of like Mikan, but hopefully it’ll sell better than that… ;_;

The PV is also feel-good. I love behind-the-scenes clips in PVs and stuff. It feels so goofy, like you can relate. It kinda makes you forget how badly this song ignores the eggs.

Really, I think Tsunku just wanted the eggs to fufill their original purpose: back-up dancing. They got really ignored in this PV IMO. ): It was almost entirely Konkon, Mai, Yossie and Rika. ._.;


Best ever. :l