1. Do you think it is disrespectful to post about how bad a member is, be it an opinion or meant simply as a joke?

     No. It’s all in good fun.

2. Does it matter if you like the idol or not? Meaning, would you care about someone writing a joke hate post if you knew the writer liked the idol. Would you write a joke hate post if you liked the idol?

     Like I said, it’s all in good fun. If they like the idol, then they obviously aren’t hating with a firey passion.

3. Would you continue to write these kind of posts about an idol if you knew the idol was reading your blog?

     Ummmm. Maybe I’d tone down on the LinLin hate. But Gaki needs to know about how fail her hair used to be, and Reina needs to know how FUCKING ANNOYING her winking and glitter and cute act can be.