So I was sitting here, munching some marble pocky and reading a Momusu haru ’08 review, and then I’m like

So here I am.
Sucks for you.
Just as a warning, I forgot what the concert is like. So this is a learning experience for all of us.
And by all of us, I probably just mean me and.. Kassy. If she reads this.


Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Haru ~Single Daizenshuu!!~

Sup long title.


Sup Morning Musume. Or should I say lack of. Though still pretty kickass nonetheless.


2. Resonant Blue

Rating: 8/10

As most of my friends know, I have a huge problem with Morning Musume performing singles that contained that specific line-up. I also have that problem with groups performing in their single costumes. ANYWAYS. I don’t really like these costumes that much, but they’re all LOL SPARKLES so they attract me somewhat. Which is kickass.


Sup kickass gakikame. ILU guys. Just curious, did anybody else get totally P.O.ed by Reina’s earrings? wtf are they supposed to match?

The… line… thing move thing omg was pretty boss.
’cause they were on like, stairs or some shit. And it was all SUP
Shit Im like… word…-less.


3. Onna ni Sachi Are

Rating: 8/10 [it would have been 7, but Linlin owned.]

Koharu’s just a little bit scary. Just a little.

Has anybody noticed that when Risa’s singing live during group lines, her voice is always one of the loudest? Seriously, go listen to Hand made CITY from the Bonkyu tour. But I like that. Risa’s amazing.

I’m really into the dancing in this performance. I love the ONSA dance because they dance to the beat really well. I find that extremely cool. But the best part of ONSA was the ribbon-y things on their wrists or w/e that we’re all like WOOOO when they danced in the PV, so the dance isn’t as good here. ):

The singing wasn’t the best IMO. But Linlin’s solo had me in awe. It sounded great. And that is a HUGE deal coming from me, the co-president of the anti-Linlin fanclub. [Though we really only hate for fun.]

4. VTR – Member Introduction

Yeah uh it looks like they just found out what photoshop is or sth. :l And by the way, did you know that Morning Musume is ‘produce by Tsunku’?

5. MC1

Didn’t watch it. >0> Not planning to. <0<

6. Egao YES Nude

Rating: 8.5/10

Oh my God, I fucking LOVE this song. And believe it or not, I love the outfits. Like, the Iroppoi parts. Not the lolfail outfits underneath. But then there were 3 fail solos after eachother. Aika, Reina, Koharu. Aika’s kinda iffy live, but I love her anyways. Reina sounded like she was dying. Get the fuck out, Reina. And Koharu always sucks. So. It’s to be expected.

And Sayumi’s solo was good. She’s seriously improving so much. But it didn’t really save the performance. Good thing it’s a fantastic song anyways.


7. Iroppoi Jirettai

Rating: 9.5/10 [The outfits and dancing were so great]

Did anybody else find Eri to be really sexy during the beginning? I dunno. She looked all sweaty and exhausted… which makes her hot? Oh wait. Pun. She’s hot and exhausted ahahaha. Aha. Ha.

The Iroppoi dance is so intense. It makes me want to learn it. Hmmm.. actually… screw the review.

Not really. Anyways, Ai pwns as always. But Sayumi’s “kiss” sounded a bit… hurhuhur strange. ):


8. Osaka Koi no Uta

Rating: 10/10

Risa is stealing my attention again. I feel so biased when I write reviews and stuff, but I can’t help itttt. D:

I think the vocals in this performance were really great overall. Ai is such a great singer that she pretty much makes up for everybody else.

I want to say that I love this song, but I’m saying that about pretty much everything. I love all of their A-sides to a certain extent. But Osaka Koi no Uta has this powerful SOMETHING in it, like Shabondama. Not as powerful, but I really like that. I think that passion was captured well in this performance, so props to Ai. …And co. I guess.


9. MC2



10. Kanashimi Twilight

Rating: 10/10

I didn’t like Reina’s actual vocals in the MP3 version of Kanashimi Twilight, but I think she does pretty well in the live performances. Ai is amazing as always, Gaki is majorly amazing so far in this concert, Eri is pretty kickass too.

And the Yossie [Well… Ai, now] solo was amazing now, and amazing in Bonkyu. Fantastic performance. And Reina’s annoying behavior wasn’t that overdone! Yaaay.


11. Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan

Rating: 10/10

Lately, I’ve been TOTALLY FREAKING OBSESSED with Ambitious. It was pretty random. I’ve always been sorta THIS SONG IS GOOD. THAT’S IT. about Ambitious, but I dunno. It’s reaaaaally amazing. So when it came on just now, I was like >w<!!!!!

Gaki’s solo line sold me. This is the best performance ever. [until Manatsu no Kousen…]


12. Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~

Rating: 9.5/10

So it starts. And it’s like SUP SWEAT-DRENCHED AI.

Thanks, guys. Totally pleasant. [YET I MADE IT THE SCREENCAP OF THE PERF.. LOLOLOL. >.>]

Theres a lot of Gaki. I’m liking this a lot. Seriously guys, even if she’s not the best in the group, I really really enjoy her voice. And personally, I thought she was better than Ai in this performance.


13. Do it! Now

Rating: 10/10

So Ai is obviously totally exhausted, yet she still sounds amazing. I don’t understand this logic. BUT OH WELL IT’S GOOD. I love how they give her the boa thing, and thats all. XDD But overall I thought the performance was kind of dull. Despite this, it’s Ai. We all know that she’s a bit dull, but can sing. So that’s why it got a 10 anyways.


14. Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~

Rating: 10/10

My God. I love Risa even more now, just for still being able to hit that note. Skiiiiiiill.

I don’t really like that this is basically another Ai solo, but she looks pretty pimpin’. And it’s kind of amusing to watch the other girls during this.

The outfits make this performance win to no end.


15. Furusato

Rating: 8/10

I remember being really worried about this when the setlist first appeared. But when I listened to the mic recording, I was surprised that it was better than I thought. However she messed up the last note in the recording, so my hopes became low for this. Ahahaha. Well, she did it well for her standards. She really has improved a lot. It’s not a fantastic version, but it is bearable to listen to. 8 for effort, Sayumin.


16. Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago

Rating: 10/10

I originally heard the mic recording of this first, and I got really excited. She really does sound amazing, doesn’t she? Like, wow, Eri. Why don’t you ever get lines? I would definitely prefer to hear you over Reina. [If you don’t know, Eri’s my second favourite singer in Morning Musume with Ai obviously being first.] And oh my God, she’s so freaking cute. Eri, I love you. The only problem with this performance is that she’s not Konkon. What a shame.


17. Memory Seishun no Hikari

Rating: 9/10

Errrr… Let me start off by saying that Reina was my favourite member when I first became a fan of Morning Musume. Maybe because she was so LOL IN YOUR FACE. But I liked Memory Seishun no Hikari because of her solo version. So I was actually happy to see this even though this is my favourite classic Morning Musume song.

Reina can sing. I will give her that. But her singing is insanely annoying. She did pretty well for Reina in this song. But I still think she’s irritating. And as much as I hate to admit it, her outfit is my favourite. That’s including the blue dress, the dress underneath, both together and the hairband thing. BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH HER EARRINGS D<


18. Manatsu no Kousen

Rating: 15/10 [WH-WHAT?!]

Sorry for sounding biased but the atmosphere and stuff was amazing. It starts and Risa sounds stunning singing a slow version of Manatsu, and then holds the long note

And then LOL SUP HAPPY. Holy crap, her smile is so pretty. I frikkin’ love this girl. When I start thinking that maybe she’s not my favourite anymore, I see something like this and realize that my opinion on Risa won’t change for a while. Also, I’m really glad that they did the harmonies live. It made the performance stand out a lot more than the others in my opinion. More than Ai’s too, just because of how enthusiastic the song and performance were overall.

Best performance in the concert, hands down. [SUP BIAS] I wanna figure out a way to get an MP3 rip of that.



Rating: 10/10

Sayumi did the monologue well. Even if it wasn’t Aibon-quality, it was still good. And her outfit is adorable.

Eri’s voice is amazing. It’s definitely better in slow songs. And I love her reactions at the beginning. Risa sounds great as always. >.>; The dancing is so graceful in AS FOR ONE DAY. I think it’s a shame that it’s not performed more.

JunLin solos oh my god. I think Linlin’s solo might be one of my favourites in the whole song. This concert rocks.


20. Summer Night Town

Rating: 9.5/10

I remember really enjoying this, because a while back Max and I were talking about whether Summer Night Town or Daite HOLD ON ME were better. I preferred Summer Night Town. Since then I’ve really liked this song.

I’m a sucker for harmonies. I think they sound amazing and should be used more. So this performance really appealed to me, even if Reina pisses me off. I think they sound really great doing older songs, and maybe they should release a remake album or something.

Also, I wanted to get a good screenshot of Risa being sexy but failed. So here is a picture of Junjun the Great and Kussun.


21. MC3

yeah no.


22. Morning Musume no Hyokkori Hyoutanjima

Rating: 6/10

Even though Hyokkori Hyoutanjima IS a silly children’s song, I think Koharu went waaaaaaaaaaay too far. I would have preferred Aika or Linlin. Not saying I wouldn’t prefer Junjun, but the other two come first. And I don’t see what’s so bad about the outfits. I actually, dare I say it, LIKE THE OUTFITS. I love Junjun’s head thing. >.>;

Linlin really is funny. I think she’s moving up on my list. But not by much…

Overall, this performance was ALRIGHT. The vocals were kind of awkward, but I’m placing ALL of the blame on Koharu. You could hear her the loudest and her solo lines made me like it less and less. Sorry 8th gen.


23. Morning Coffee

Rating: 8/10

YESSSSS HARMONIES. Group lines sound amaaaaazing. Though… I think I would have preferred this to be like, a 5th gen solo song. Or something. And then have 6th gen do something else. This isn’t really aimed at Eri. I just didn’t like Reina and Sayumi in this song. Actually on second thought, Eri sounds great and all, but I don’t think her high voice fits a classic song like this. Ai and Risa definitely outsang 6th gen in this song. I’d like to see Ai and Risa sing this together with harmonies from 6th gen [or something] on that imaginary remake album I was talking about earlier.


24. Medley 1

Rating: 8/10

HOLY CRAP THE DAITE WAS BETTER THAN THE SAKURA GUMI VERSION. And that was the best ever. Well, not anymore I guess. >.>; I really like the older songs in this concert.

I used to love Chokkan 2. But that was like, when I liked Reina. So you can tell that I wasn’t thinking clearly. I think they did well for Chokkan 2.

The transition between Chokkan 2 and SEXY BOY has the be the best transition I have ever heard in my whole life. It was amazing. Usually I’m let down by medleys but this made this medley so much better than it was.

The idea for Joshi was reaaaaally clever. But Im sad that Ai got it. I mean, didn’t she get enough pimping in this? She IS the best singer, and the leader, but come on. I would’ve liked to see JunLin. ): It’d be cute if they actually did it at random.

Go Girl is always good. Always.


25. MC4

I’ll admit that I did watch this. It was pretty amusing in my opinion.



Rating: 10/10

I really enjoyed Ai and Risa doing those parts. Though I think Risa did a bit better than Ai.

The EriJun line was probably the best in the song. Amazing.

But I do not support those awful outfits. But Ai’s, Koharu’s and Risa’s were more bearable than the rest. And I love how Sayumi’s has bows on her’s.


27. Shabondama

Rating: 9/10

Same line distribution as the perf from Bonkyu from what I can see. Reina does really well in Shabondama because she uses her old voice. Ai sounds good. Gaki sounds really badass amazing. Linlin said “Aaaaaaa” again. I love Eri’s monologues, she’s such a funny girl. XD Koharu muuuuuuuurdered her solo line. This performance would have been 10 if it hadn’t been for Koharu. She did worse here than in Bonkyu. I didn’t know that was possible.


28. MC5



29. Medley 2

Rating: 10/10 [Classics are amazing.]

I like how the 7th and 8th gens got a lot of lines in I WISH. I think they all did well. Except Koharu. She is REALLY sucking bad in this concert. And they undid the ugly things to make their dresses even worse. Oh no.

My god I love Happy Summer Wedding. JunLin cracked me up. And Gaki won the whole concert with Marippe’s “Pa Pa Pala no ACHAA”. Like, really.

And then Koi no Dance Site, my first Morning Musume song, starts and they’re wearing my 3rd favourite outfits of the concert. [1st being fancy dresses, 2nd being gold underneath] Sayumi’s has bows… XDDD I think they really captured the energy well. But the sexy beam wasn’t that good. I’ll forgive Eri, though. Her Namida was great.

I FUCKING LOVE SOUDA! WE’RE ALIVE. They did well. Well, not Reina… But Junjun’s “C’MON” made up for it.

And then the best part of the concert happens.
The fucking QUICK CHANGE, guys. So. Amazing. Btw. Sayumi has bows on her outfit again.

And Im not easily amused. Oh wait, yes I am… Well, lets talk about The Peace!. I love this song. It’s so strange. I love how they have sexy sailor outfits. Its so… Hello! Project concert-y. Which makes sense, huh… Well this performance was good,but once again ruined by Koharu’s singing. But her monologue was really good though. Funny how she gets monologues on the nautical songs…

The intro to Renai Revolution 21 was great. Not Chokkan BOY 2 great, but still pretty amazing. And even though it’s overdone, Renai Revolution 21 is still loved by me and is one of my favourite songs ever. It’s so… retro. And the dance is crazy fun. And Reina DIDN’T WRECK IT. 

I bet they had a lot of fun with this medley, and I had a lot of fun watching it, so high rating for this one.


30. MC6



31. Koko ni Iruzee!

Rating: 10/10

They look like they’re having actual fun in this, despite being so exhausted. I have to give them credit for that. I mean, I’d have fun too. I can’t hate this performance. It’s just so LOL SUP GUYS :’D which probably makes little sense but WHO CARES. D<

I’m really impressed by their energy in this. Good job, girls. Good job.


32. Mikan

Rating: 8/10

Eh. Uplifting song. But so are Koko ni Iruzee and Aruiteru. Like I said earlier, I don’t much care for recent singles. So whatever. Even though I love Mikan. One thing I liked was how they lined up on the stairs. But it wasn’t that amazing of a performance.


33. Aruiteru

Rating: 9/10

I used to hate this song but it’s really growing on me a lot.

Great overall performance. Good idea to put it near the end.


34. MC7

Sup new outfits.


35. Ai Araba IT’S ALL RIGHT

Rating: 10/10

I always love this song. And it’s great for concerts. So I dunno. I like it.


36. LOVE Machine

Rating: 9.5/10

LOVE Machine is really overrated. But oh well.

This was a thousand times better than at Kouhaku so it deserves a high rating because the current line-up proved that they CAN do LOVE Machine. But Reina kind of said what Maimi did at Cutie Circuit 2008. “DANCING ALL OF THE LAAAAAAAA!”

So they get a 9.5 >:l




Overall I’ll give this concert a 9/10. I basically got what I was hoping for, more or less. I was slightly dissapointed in a few areas, but in others I was amazed.

It was a fantastic concert, and if you haven’t watched it yet, I reccommend that you do.